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What Is a Kubotan?

A standard Kubaton is a non-threatening blunt instrument/self-defense tool that is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and conceal. This self-defense tool is typically made of metal or aluminum. The self-defense Kubotan can also be used as a pressure point weapon so it’s important to have a good finger grip so that you can use it more precisely. Striking with this defensive tool can cause pain and discomfort in the attackers’ body, allowing the user to escape from a dangerous situation. The Kubaton key chain is an effective self-defense weapon that can be used by anyone regardless of size or strength. The Kubaton is the most effective when used for pressure point attacks in self-defense scenarios. The kubaton key chain allows for it to be linked with a set of keys or hung up in a convenient spot.

What are the Laws and Legalities for Kubotans?

The laws and legalities surrounding the use of Kubotans vary from state to state. In some states, it is illegal to carry a Kubotan in public without a permit. In other states, it is legal to carry a Kubotan for self-defense purposes as long as it is not used in an offensive manner. It is important to check with your local law enforcement agency before carrying or using a Kubotan.