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Safety Lights

What are Safety Lights?

Safety lights are devices that are used for enhanced visibility and alertness in potentially hazardous or dangerous situations. They are designed to be used in a variety of settings, including industrial, commercial, and residential areas. The high-powered LED safety light have compact designs, create enhanced visibility, and has hour’s battery life length.

What are the Types of Safety Lights?

ST – AUTO : The ST-AUTO is an 8-N-1 safety tool with many helpful features. It has a compact design perfect for travel. The compact design allows for your safety tool to fit most anywhere. It has a chargeable battery power bank that can hold up to two full phone charges. It is also a car charger allowing you to recharge both your phone battery and the ST-AUTO’s chargeable battery. It comes with a 120 Lumen flashlight with an adjustable neck allowing for maximum visibility. It has a magnet at the bottom so it can connect to your car and it has a red flashing light for signaling. The ST-AUTO also has a glass break hammer hidden in the bottom of the tool.

ST – SDFLASH : The SDFLASH is a lightweight light that offers multiple lighting settings for maximum visibility. The LED lights in the SDFLASH are brighter than conventional lights causing temporary blindness if hit in the eyes. It has a compact design, rechargeable battery, easily zoom able covering over 1,300 feet, and reaches up to 3,000 Lumens of light.

What are the Laws and Legalities for Safety Lights?

The laws and legalities for safety lights vary from state to state. Generally, safety lights are required in certain areas such as construction sites, industrial facilities, and public spaces. In some states, it is also mandatory to have safety lights on vehicles that are used for commercial purposes.