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Stun Guns

What is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that uses an electrical shock to temporarily disable an attacker. It works by delivering a high voltage, low amperage electric shock to the assailant. The shock causes pain and disorientation, giving the user time to escape or call for help. Stun guns are typically handheld devices with two metal prongs at one end that deliver the electric shock when pressed against an attacker. They come in various shapes and sizes, including models that look like flashlights or cell phones .

How to use a Stun Gun?

If your stun gun requires a wrist strap pull pin or has an on/off switch it’s important to have them ready or already on. To use a stun gun, hold it firmly in your hand and press the prongs against the assailant’s body. Once the prongs are pressed against the assailant, press the trigger or button to activate the electric shock. Hold it in place for 3-5 seconds to ensure that the shock is effective. After releasing, back away from your attacker and call for help. For a period of time the attacker will be under intense pain from the electric current.

What are the key features of stun guns?

One of the key features in many types of stun guns is their wrist strap disabling pin that aids in preventing your assailant from stunning you if they manage to take your stun gun, some stun guns such as the Hot Shot don’t require a disable pin. Another key feature in some stun guns is their loud alarm. Most of the alarms reaches up to 120dB some even up to 130dB! If you don’t care for loud alarms or compact sizes you can always choose a larger size model such as the Repeller which features Anti-Grab strips. The Repeller Anti-Grab strips prevents the assailant from taking it by sending an electrical charge up and down the metal strips and when they come into direct contact with something it administers a powerful shock. Most stun guns have a rechargeable battery.

What to look for when buying a stun gun?

When looking for a stun gun it is best to look for one that is reliable, has a good safety feature, and is easy to use. Additionally, it is important to look for one with a long battery life and a bright light so you can easily see what you are doing in low-light situations. There are a variety of options from compact sizes, larger sizes, some with a built in led flashlight, and some feature a loud alarm. It is also important to make sure the stun gun you are looking at has enough power for your needs. A popular choice compact size stun gun is the Runt which has a built-in LED flashlight, rechargeable battery, safety switch, and a pull pin.

Stun Guns Laws & Restrictions?

The stun gun laws and restrictions vary from state to state. Asking a law enforcement officer what the carrying of stun gun restrictions are, or looking it up online are always valid options. Some states have different regulations on the carrying of stun guns. It is important to research the laws on stun gun restrictions in your area before purchasing or carrying a stun gun.