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Kubotan Aircraft Grade Aluminum Keychain

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Weight 0.17 lbs

Black, Red, Silver

The Kubotan is a small self-defense tool made from aircraft grade aluminum. It features a 5.5 inch overall length for stronger impact, a bright color with mirror shine finish to make it easily accessible, and ridges that provide a more secure grip. The slightly elevated and thick tip offers greater control and power when applying pressure against an aggressor. The steel key ring allows the kubotan to be attached to almost any type of keychain or bag strap for easy access in public settings so you can defend yourself if needed. This highly durable non-lethal weapon comes in black, blue, red and silver colors. With the Kubotan Keychain you can increase your safety with confidence.

Product Features:

– Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum with 5.5 inch overall length for stronger impact power

– Bright colors with mirror shine finish makes the kubotan easily accessible

– Ridges give a secure grip when used

– Slight elevated and thick tip offers greater control and power while applying pressure against aggressors

– Steel key ring allows users to have easy access whenever they need it

– Comes in three colors; black, red, silver