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Tactical Pen

What is a tactical pen?

A tactical pen is a self-defense multi – tool that combines the functionality of a reliable writing instrument with the defensive capabilities of a weapon. This self-defense tool is designed to be discreet and lightweight, making it easy to carry in any pocket or purse. The tactical pen typically features an aluminum body with a pointed tip for striking an assailant, as well as a built-in glass breaker in emergency situations, a screw-off top for ink refills, a spring steel clip, and comes with a pen refill. This self-defense tool also has a writing tip for taking notes or signing documents. This high-quality pen defensive tool has additional features such as a sleek design, solid grip, and a pressurized ink cartridge. This Self-defense weapon is made of stainless steel, high-quality aluminum, and has a comfortable grip making it a solid option for self-defense situations.

What are the laws and legalities of tactical pens?

The laws and legalities of tactical pen vary from state to state. In some states, it is illegal to carry a tactical pen as a weapon, while in others it is perfectly legal. It is important to check your local laws before carrying a tactical pen for self-defense purposes. Additionally, some states may require you to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to legally carry a tactical pen.