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Mace Pepper Gun Refill

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The 80421 Dual Pack OC Refills are a great way to get your favorite cleaning products in bulk. These refills include two individually sealed bottles of all-in-one cleaner and deodorizer, making it perfect for households with multiple bathrooms or for cleaning professionals needing to refill their equipment. The cleaner is acetone and ammonia free, so it won’s leave behind any harsh odors or streaks. Its dual action formula gently cleans surfaces while also leaving behind a pleasant scent that can last up to 24 hours. This cleaner is safe on most types of surfaces from tile and grout to vinyl flooring, so you can use it with confidence around the house.

Product Features:

– Includes 2 bottles of all-in-one cleaner and deodorizer refill for long lasting usage

– Double action formula cleans and deodorizes surfaces

– Acetone & ammonia free with no harsh odors left behind

– Gentle yet effective on many surface types, including tile & grout, countertops, walls, windows, showers & tubs

– Pleasant scent lasts up to 24 hours after application

– Safe fo use at home and in professional settings