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Mace Pepper Gun Dual Pack OC/Water Refill

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Dual Pack – OC Refill/H2O Refill

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Weight 0.35 lbs

The 80422 Dual Pack is the perfect tool for your on-the-go lifestyle. The dual pack includes two OC Refill/H2O Kits with protective cases so you can refill in any environment. Each of the refill kits includes three refills, ensuring that you’re always prepared. Keep them on hand so you’re ready to combat odor and keep it fresher for longer – without worrying about having to buy new cartridges or refills!

Product Features:

– Dual Pack – Includes two refills for any environment.

– Includes a protective case for each refill kit.

– 3 Refills per kit, making sure that you’re always prepared.

– Intended for use with the OPN 7200 Series Smart Collar and Logitech Fetch Pet Trackers+Lights.

– Refillable cartridges are easy to use and provide outstanding performance levels of freshness and odour control while being energy efficient.

– Environmentally Friendly – Each refill cartridge uses 50% less plastic waste than disposable replacements when used correctly as indicated by applicable laws or regulations.