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Creamer Diversion Safe

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Interior dimensions of safe 1¾” x 5″

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs

The DS-CREAMER is a discreet diversion safe disguised as a creamer-shaped container that fits perfectly into any kitchen setting. It offers a convenient solution to protect your small valuables from theft or accidental loss. The interior dimensions of this safe measures 1¾” x 5″ for easy storage of cash, jewelries and other delicate items. The top lid rotates off for easy access and includes two interior walls to further conceal your items. With the perfect size, shape, and weight, this Diversion Safe blends seamlessly into most standard kitchen decor.

Product Features:

– Interior dimensions measure 1¾” x 5″ for discreetly storing small valuables

– Made of lightweight plastic so it looks like ordinary kitchenware

– Reliable locking mechanism ensures your valuable stay safe inside

– Rotating lid gives you easy and quick access

– Durable construction provides long lasting use

– Perfectly designed size, shape, and weight easily blends in with your kitchen decor