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Automatic Heavy Duty Knife with 5 hole handle

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Automatic Heavy Duty Knife with 5 hole handle

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Weight 0.4 lbs

The AK-101 is an automatic heavy duty knife designed for durable performance and convenience. Featuring a 5 hole handle and safety lock, the intelligent design in black makes it a must-have tool. With an 8” overall length and 3 1/2” blade length, this knife will become your go-to choice for everyday tasks. The stainless steel handle provides great grip while the safety lock protect you from accidental activation. All these features make it ready to tackle even the toughest cutting jobs with ease!

Product Features:

– Automatic Knife with Safety Lock

– 8” Overall Length

– 3 1/2” Blade made of long lasting stainless steel

– 5 Hole Handle provides users with secure grip

– Safety Lock protects against unintentional activation

– Black Color enables easy camouflaging for covert ops

– Compatible with various tools used for job sites or BBQ parties that require precise cutting