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Automatic Expandable Steel Baton Black Handle


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Prepare yourself for the Automatic Expandable Steel Baton!

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21.5 inches, 31 inches

The TSB-AUTO is the ultimate steel baton made for maximum protection against attack. Easily extend and retract the 21.5″ steel at the push of a button, giving you an intimidating and reliable defensive tool in any situation. Highly durable and waterproofed to prevent corrosion, our steel baton is constructed with the highest quality materials to provide unbeatable strength and stability. The black rubber handle sleeve gives you a firm, secure grip when using the baton that keeps it steady in use. The automatic tip closing system allows for easy closure with just your hand – no more struggling to close or having to strike it on a hard surface. Preferred by security guards and law enforcement officials worldwide, this powerful tool is also perfect for postmen, hikers, and glass-breaking in emergency exits. Get superior protection with the TSB-AUTO Automatic Steel Baton today!

Product Features:

– Push Button Automatic Operation

– Extends from 9.5″ to 21.5″ instantly at the push of a button

– High quality solid construction for durability & strength

– Split Second, frictionless extension mechanism

– Coated for maximum corrosion resistance

– Firm black rubber handle sleeve ensures stable grip

– Easy tip closing system; no need to strike it on a hard surface

– Preferred by security guards and law enforcement worldwide